Finn Deerhart Services

Sex is central to the gay experience
Intimacy isn’t
I want to change that

Coaching – Singles, Couples, Poly

Transformation requires patience, practice, and a holistic understanding of the individual & relational challenges that you face.

Together, we discover your own clarity and acquire resources & strategies that you need in order to create the life & relationships that best support you.

  • Clarify intentions & set specific goals.
  • Define personal excellence & thrive.
  • Uncover root belief systems & patterns that contribute to challenges and how these dynamics shape relationships.
  • Identify & cultivate an authentic personal expression of desire.
  • Learn to create & sustain desire in relationships over time.
  • Learn erotic skills that help to build more peak sexual experiences.
  • Develop a communication skillset to resolve conflict, improve intimacy, & fortify sexual connections.
  • Utilize sexual fantasy to uncover emotional needs & enrich sex with partners.
  • Develop authentic boundaries in-and-out of intimate relationships of all styles.
  • Work through sexual and intimacy inhibitions.
  • Turn erotic self-practice and partner work into a spiritual path.
  • Design relationship(s) to foster personal independence while strengthening relational bonds.
  • Heal pain from experiences that have blocked full expression.

One-on-one & couples’ sessions are available in person in San Francisco at The Center SF, by appointment only. Sessions are also available online, if person(s) are not available for in-person work.

For both in-person and online inquiries, please schedule a fifteen minute intro call to discover if we are a good fit for each other.l personal & collective wounds.

Heal your heart
Ignite your erotic

Queer Connect

Queer Connect is a community for gay, queer, bi and trans men seeking emotional, spiritual, & sexual connection. We offer a variety of workshops and interactive experiences to help cultivate the intentional use of desire and facilitate healing for all of us.

We host monthly workshops and gatherings to explore intimate touch as well as our emotional journeys into the heart of sex and desire. Learn to cultivate a greater capacity for intimacy and heal the pain that blocks full erotic expression. Also available for private bookings.

  • Explore the Love/Lust split, why sex & relationships often feel at odds with each other.
  • Expand awareness & expression of desire in its many different flavors.
  • Cuddle parties to experience nourishing touch without pressure to perform or hook up.
  • Master dynamics of attraction & polarity in dating and/or relationships.
  • Develop communication skills to enhance sex & intimacy.
  • Hold space together to heal personal & collective wounds.

A gay rebel
with a
heart-centered cause

Guest Speaker

Book me to speak & interact with your audience. I have been passionate about communicating & connecting audiences with content for more than 20 years. Here are some samples of current content.

  • The split between Sex & Spirit.
  • Deconstructing masculinity makes us stronger men.
  • Spirituality in the queer & trans community, and beyond.
  • Getting to wholeness in a fragmented world.
  • The healing process & the Hero’s Journey.
  • Being gay as a spiritual mission.
  • Trauma within the queer community & how to heal.
  • Healing sex & relationships, a new way forward.
  • Communicating about our inner worlds.
  • Custom content.
  • Please message me for inquiries.

Making relationships deeper, hotter, and more erotic

Sex on Tap

Personal growth workshops on sexuality & relationships using Tapping, a therapeutic mind-body technique, to process personal & collective trauma. Get support. Share your experience. Be heard, seen, loved. Learn to cultivate self-love. Available for private bookings as well as public events.

  • Identify & process “triggers” that create overwhelming emotional experiences.
  • Manage anxieties & negative mental loops.
  • Update personal perspectives that create new possibilities.
  • Address limiting beliefs & the emotions that are connected to them.
  • Get relief from painful or frightening emotions.
  • Hold space for others in need of help.
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