November 11th | 2-5pm EST | Flavors of Desire


Flavors of Desire is a guided sensual journey, body to body, heart to heart. In it, we experience the four major types of desire that underlie our pursuits for sex and passion. It is a sensual, but not sexual event. It is a partial clothing event, encouraging sexual touch without penetration in order to explore the emotional journey along the way to fucking. It is both physically stimulating and emotionally impacting.

We are often left to random circumstances in finding the electric sexual connections that we need. In our searches for excitement, we can experience a kind of boredom, producing routine sex and repeat roles again and again until we happen upon an exciting encounter that feels like a true version of ourselves.

We can learn to cultivate our desires in such a way that peak experiences are available to us regularly if we have tools to understand the process that compels us alongside our lust into a hot encounter.

In this interactive workshop, you will deepen your understanding of the various dynamics that flow beneath the surface of mere physical attraction that enliven our fucking—turning the friction of bodies into the magic of union.

You will learn which type(s) of desire is a strong expression for you and also where your edges and challenges prevent you from accessing your own peak expression. You will learn tools to enhance your capacity to feel these energies, identify them, and utilize them to intensify the passion that you feel for sex with men—from hookups to life partners. In the process, you will learn to be a more conscious lover and source of ecstasy that permeates your entire life.

For this workshop, no prior experience is necessary. An open mind and heart is all that you need to benefit from this offering. Open to singles, couples, triads, etc. We will create a safe container for you to allow you to open up to vulnerability, communicate about your boundaries, and express yourself.

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where is the flavors of desire workshop? philly or nyc?

    There is going to be a Flavors of Desire workshop in both NYC on the 8th and one in Philly on the 11th! Updates will appear on events page shortly!

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