Gay Is The New Jesus – Podcast With MeMe Cherry

Big thank you to MeMe Cherry and her sweet spirit for hosting me on her podcast. We always enjoy each other’s company and passion. From her site, Series of Fortunate Events, here are the topics we dove into during this chat! Big hug and good vibes for MeMe Cherry!!

Unexpected feedback from the last time Finn was on SOFEpod from “The Woman” | The humbling effect of being present & real | Survival mode vs SURVIVAL MODE | The Re-emancipation of MeMeCherry | Looking at queer sexuality through a new lens | Finn’s work coaching queer men | Boundaries aka learning how to say “No” | Why/How/When do we celebrate “Pride” | Finn’s work to help us all drop our “Shame” – Shoutout to @ShameBooth | Gay is the New Jesus | #Authenticity – “White Washed Tombs”| Ministry 2.0 | What is Social Madea talkin’ bout | #KavanaughHearings | Shane Dawson’s new series “Mind of Jake Paul” | Empathy for self | Make sure to check out Finn’s website & leave a comment @

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