Touch It Where It Hurts

Many of us gay, queer and trans men enter into this world with secrecy and shame surrounding our sexualities. From birth, Sex and Spirit are divided, separate parts of our personalities that often seem to be in conflict with each other. Whether or not we realize it, we may spend our entire lives trying to get back to a sense of wholeness in ourselves. We do the best we can with what we have. We tend to make choices about sex, the emotional and physical safety of it, or lack thereof based on our greater community’s ideas about what it means to liberate ourselves sexually. We seek refuge in places like the Bay Area where we can identify openly with other men about the sex that we want to be having, should be having, or are actively pursuing and conquering. Against insurmountable odds, many of us have learned to live openly to the best of our abilities.

Beneath our newfound freedom are the scars of having been divided in half, leaving so many of us without a spiritual framework that really makes sense to us. Naturally so, because we have been spiritually abused, believing subconsciously that something is wrong with us for being different than the expectations of our cultures. We create identity around sex, our own subculture that values free sexual expression and lots of it. We need deep healing, but we often look to sex, itself, to heal us. Because we were conditioned heavily by secrecy and shame, we hide so much of our authentic selves. The split between sex and spirit lives in how we connect with other men, how we choose to date, how we choose to hook up, how we take drugs to make us feel like gods when we secretly struggle to show up. We may believe that some guys are good for fucking while others are good for cherishing. We may not know how to have hot sex with our romantic partners like we can with hookups. Like our culture, we often try to suppress the Feminine because She is what made us targets to our families, churches, and schoolmates. We carry more of the shadow for the Feminine for all men in our culture, because we have no choice, if we are to be out of the closet, but to bear this label and subsequent judgement. Our deepest wounds are related to our genitals and our hearts and the struggles we endure in connecting them back together again. Our spiritual identity can be as simple as seeking meaning within our own selves, our choices and the beliefs upon which we make them.

We can heal the split between our hearts and our cocks and have increasingly hotter, more satisfying sex and consistent connections! Check out my group and individual offerings HERE.

Together, we create an open space with other men who are looking to integrate and grow as sexual, spiritual beings. We can work directly with the reactions in our bodies as the guidance system in to personal truth. We can learn how to increase our energy, our desire, and our sexual satisfaction. We can learn how to truly let go of painful memories and inhibitions and open up to new experiences. We can learn how to become more authentic in our sexual expressions. Please join us!

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