The Agenda

The Agenda

The movement to love ourselves and each other.

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  Humanity is Our Identity

  Love is The Agenda

  Kindness is Cool

“The Agenda” is to love ourselves and each other. The Agenda is to include unlikely allies.The Agenda is to reclaim our bodies. The Agenda is to thaw-out where we have been frozen and numb. The Agenda is to reconnect the fragments of our selves, discover our own unique gifts and bring them to our global community. The Agenda is to be whole in all ways, both personally and socially. It is a movement that acknowledges the pain that comes from disconnection and seeks to unify the LGBTQI community, creating partnerships between us and those who desire to connect. Together we will do this in multiple ways including fundraising, supporting causes, developing extended community and creating participatory cultural experiences for all. Please join The Agenda!

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