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About Finn Deerhart

I’m Finn, and I’m finding my way the best that I can.

Sex and relationships are the lenses through which I am examining my own life, how I interact with my own deepest wounds, and how my personal vulnerabilities relate to my culture as a whole. I have been letting go of what I am not in order to find what I am. Deeper intimacy with myself is guiding me into healthy relationships and exciting sex that reflects my personal quest for wholeness.

I believe that as gay and queer men, we are working against a monolithic set of conditions and faulty templates, constructing for ourselves what it means to be a “man” in a world that offers us rejection in place of guidance. It seeps into every level of our beings. I believe that we have been divided in sex and spirit since our arrival on the planet and that we are always trying in some way or another to put these severed pieces back together again. I have been fortunate to live in San Francisco, where I am recovering and have been exploring the limits of my personal freedom.  My desire has led me into deep inquiry about how sex and spirit intersect in my own life.

We have so many places that we can go and ways to explore our lusts and the longings that compel us, but not so many places to connect with each other about what it took to get us here, or what we are carrying inside when we arrive. As I release blame and get really honest with myself, I am healing. I love creating  both group and private coaching experiences that are curated to facilitate active engagement with shadow and our desires so enlivened by it. I believe that as we uncover personal truths, we also contribute to our collective healing as a queer community. I bring 14 years combined experience in social anthropology, wellness coaching, spiritual counseling, sex & intimacy coaching, and personal development.


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