Finn & Rick Miller of Gay Sons and Mothers – The Formative Years

Rick Miller and Finn Deerhart discuss some of Finn’s personal childhood moments and how Finn’s mother became his support in a religion that would not accept him.

Psychotherapist Rick Miller became curious about the relationship between gay men and their mothers, a theme resonating throughout his clinical practice which led him to explore this special relationship in depth. He found that virtually no one was writing about this critical bond. His goal now is to share what he’s learned through research and people’s stories: that how a mother nurtures her son—giving him support based primarily on his interests, rather than just on his sexual preferences—is key. He now travels around the country interviewing gay men and their mothers, photographing and filming them, and putting together a multicultural montage of relationships. This evolved into the Gay Sons and Mothers nonprofit organization.

Learn more here: GaySonsAndMothers

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