Forbidden Feelings | Himeros LIVE with LeoRising, Davey Wavey, and Finn | July 9, 2020

Sex can put us into a deeply regressed state. In my opinion, the very best sex will, at times, put us directly in conflict with our own preferred self-images that thrive on the conditioned elements of our personalities. We may strive to be good boys, but, likely, we secretly long to be bad–at least occasionally. We may thrill at the shedding of restraint and surrender to the Erotic that moves through us. In fact, I believe that we cannot live an embodied life if we are not willing to feel difficult feelings.

In the heights of practiced pleasure, we can play with how we embody these difficult emotions by playfully wrestling–bringing in our disavowed emotional fragments as essential to creating authentic connections in sex. When we do our best to leave our emotions out of sex, we tend to operate without our full capacities to co-create a shared sense of meaning with our partners. Without our feelings, we are performing. On the other hand, when we are able to integrate our true emotional states into the physical movements of our bodies, an authentic expression is born. Yes, even anger can be transformed into deep passion and connection.

Watch the explicit trailer for Forbidden Feelings here.

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