Moving thru Shadow | The Sacred Erotic Podcast | Hosted by Adam Bee

Moving thru Shadow with Finn Deerhart & Adam Bee

I so appreciate the work that Adam Bee is doing to heal and integrate sexuality! In this conversation, Adam and I talk about sex and intimacy, working through the lenses of sex and relationships to interact more deeply with wounds and personal vulnerabilities.

Adam writes:

[Finn] grew up in the deep South as a minister’s son and became a minister himself at the age of 19. He was on a mission to guide and be of service, but it was overcome by his own shadow. Finn was able to come out of his shadow and now continues his path of service for gay men.

Adam is a Sacred Intimate working in New York and virtually for people all over the world. He writes:

I work 1-1 with all bodies, identities, and expressions. My sacred intimacy work asks that your full self show up. That includes your pain and your pleasure, your suffering, and your contentment. I will create the space for you to explore. I will hold you so that you are safe enough to be vulnerable, safe enough to be uncomfortable. If you are curious and open, you will excavate the parts of your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies that you had forgotten. You will find new paths to pleasure and satisfaction.

Check out AdamBee for more of Adam’s amazing work and spectacular online offerings!

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