Journeys Season II – Jealousy, Breakdown, & Repair in Gay Relationships

Discussing overarching themes in Journeys II

I really loved working on this season of Journeys, because I care so much about these themes in gay relationships. In many ways, gay men have a unique vantage point on relationships–a strength that we bring to the “whole” of human connection. On one hand, we have have been social outliers, many of us for our whole lives. We have lived outside of society’s dominant sex and relationship norms. It is partly because of this position that we have crafted our own relationships and pathways to sexual fulfillment. This, I believe, is a powerful agent of change that we are able to help bring into the world. At the same time, that same outside perspective has been earned at the cost of deep festering pain and rejection by our families, schools, churches, and communities. In my eyes, it is both the strength and the pain that marks our modern gay relationships. I LOVE working with queer men to build the relationships that are deeply satisfying while, at the same time, holding space to transform our individual and collective trauma into a healing flow of connection with all beings.

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