The Nature of Sex Is to Adapt

So much has changed in the world since we have been faced with the coronavirus. For a little more than a week, I have been slowly coming to terms with what we are all up against. My heart has been aching for all of the loss in our collective lives. The privilege that I enjoy is now sharply in focus in a way that I have never fully grasped until current times. Even in fear, I am so grateful to have food, shelter, and clothing, and the ability to digitally connect. Each day that I awaken, rested, to the sunlight in my window is a blessing. I am adapting, and as I do, so is my eroticism. As my grief subsides, my curiosity is rising. I hope that the resources herein will help provide some fun ways to experiment with yourself from new vantage points. 

Marshall McLuhan wrote in War and Peace in the Global Village, “One thing about which fish know exactly nothing is water, since they have no anti-environment which would enable them to perceive the element they live in.”

In other words, a perspective shift can really help us “see” ourselves more clearly. When it comes to sex under the current world conditions, it may feel like we are being robbed of our sexuality. Most of us are distancing physically and feeling a mixture of fear of contact as well as a responsibility to maintain safe distance for our individual and collective goods. On the other hand, the nature of sex is to adapt. It’s how we continue to evolve on this planet in the face of many challenges. One way that we can utilize this current moment is to explore ourselves sexually from different points of view, witnessing our processes in ways that we have maybe never attempted.  

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing practices and exercises that you can use to experiment with your eroticism under the many conditions that are forcing us to adapt in realtime. I hope that you enjoy the work, and I’d love to hear feedback and/or requests if you have any to offer. Holding you in mind. 

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