Best Intentions for the New Year!

This morning, my partner and I woke up at 5:45am to watch the sunrise over the Bay from the Marin Headlands. This wasn’t so difficult, because we fell asleep on each other last night at 9pm. I did not miss out on anything last night, and I slept like I died and was resurrected this morning.

I have been so excited as this past year has come to a close and the new year begins, because I can feel changes in myself that I have courted for so long. I am learning to trust myself, truly. I am learning to trust community, truly. I am learning to trust my partner, and this part has been a healing journey I couldn’t imagine without him. As fantasies fall away of what romantic relationship is supposed to be, I am brought more deeply into relationship with myself. That makes me a better partner, because I keep letting go of false expectations that keep us apart while my pain remains buried within me. I am tender and raw as the New Year comes this morning, feeling a deep sense of peace with life, loss, and love. We are both so excited to share in community with you all in the coming months!

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Love Finn & Sam!!

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