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Post-Filming Conversation On Himeros Live With Davey Wavey & Dalton Briggs


I have just returned to San Francisco after coaching on set of Himeros.tv. It was such an amazing experience, both personally and professionally. In three days, we filmed 12 concepts that focused on intergenerational healing between older and younger.  The themes that relate to the lives of older gay men touch all of us deeply. It is such a pleasure to be involved in this project and to help change the thought-field about sex and intimacy for us all. Check out this post-filming conversation on Himeros Live Podcast. Please message me with comments/feedback!

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  1. This made me miss you and our conversations so much! I appreciated the vulnerability and sincerity in this conversation. And, you all stayed humorous and relaxed throughout it as well. My mind is buzzing about issues gay men in ATX are struggling with…being called out as Narcissistic for dating someone who looks like them, but then others being judged if their husband isn’t as “good looking” as they are, so much judgment around race and age, the division between mainstream gay male culture and queer culture…and a ton of other topics. Thanks for sharing this and keep doing amazing work!

    1. Thank you so much for this encouraging note! I so appreciate the engagement. Yes, we have a complex network of influences working upon us. I’m grateful to be doing this work along side you!


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