November 30th | 7-11pm | Queer Men’s Cuddle Party

Queer Men’s Cuddle Party

Presented by Queer Connect with Finn Deerhart & Sam Sebastian

Our Cuddle Party is a social space to share loving, intimate touch with an awesome group of people. It’s an intentional, non-sexual space where you can learn and practice communicating boundaries and consent and various modalities of touch. Our Cuddle Party is founded upon our beliefs that:

♡ Nourishing touch is a cornerstone of connection, whether sexual or nonsexual.

♡ We have so many ways to acquire sex, itself. However, our needs for touch range widely from the explicitly erotic to gentle and nurturing. We believe there is a powerful need in the gay community to share this entire spectrum of touch—not just sex as a means of connection.

Cuddle parties are transformational spaces that help us to drop into our bodies, to feel respected in sharing touch, to learn how to communicate boundaries, and to feel connected and loved in a group with out additional pressure to hook up or perform.

What to expect:

Doors open at 7pm and doors close at 7:30 sharp! We’ll have an opening circle to create our container and set agreements for the evening. Then we’ll share some fun exercises to bring the group together and help bring us out of our heads and fully into our bodies.The rest of the evening will be an open, non-sexual space to talk, share touch, and connect. We encourage you to be courageous and to ask for what kind of touch fulfills you. We will be vibing out to sexy music in an awesome home with a gorgeous view of San Francisco. Snacks and nonalcoholic drinks will be provided. Sensuality is absolutely encouraged, but clothing will stay on.

The Queer Men’s Snuggle Party is for anyone desiring an intentional form of physical connection that strongly supports boundaries and consent. No prior experience is necessary, just an open heart. This is an event for anybody identifying under the umbrella of queer men, including gay, bi, and trans folks.

Finn Deerhart, Facilitator

Sex and relationships are the lenses through which I am examining my own life, how I interact with my own deepest wounds, and how my personal vulnerabilities relate to my culture as a whole. I have been letting go of what I am not in order to find what I am. Deeper intimacy with myself is guiding me into healthy relationships and exciting sex that reflects my personal quest for wholeness. My desire has led me into deep inquiry about how sex and spirit intersect in my own life. I believe that as we uncover personal truths, we also contribute to our collective healing as a queer community. I bring 14 years combined experience in social anthropology, wellness coaching, spiritual counseling and personal development.

Sam Sebastian, Facilitator

As long as I can remember, I have been highly sensitive to energy through touch. I know that it was imprinted upon me by my father when I was a child. I quickly grew to appreciate and love bodywork, as it is one of our innate human needs. At age 20, I went to my first school for massage. There, I established a foundation in skill and knowledge about human anatomy, technique and proper body mechanics. Eleven years later, I have attended four major schools of massage around the state of California in addition to numerous short-term programs for continuing education. I learned the most influential tools in my toolkit at Esalen, studying both Esalen Massage® and DeepBodywork®. In addition to massage, I have studied Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to address the needs for healing in the emotional body. In order to generate sound movement in the bodies that I work on, my Yoga Teacher certification has given me a way to create flow where there was tension and strength where there was weakness. Currently I have over five hundred hours of training, and I am now enrolled to embark on a two year journey into Hakomi Method Counseling so that I can deepen the work that I do with my clients. Bodywork is my passion. In it, I have found personal authenticity and deep pride. I love what I do!

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