Shamebooth Is A Confessional, But With Follow Up

I am so grateful for the handful of experiences that I’ve been able to be involved with Paula Williams and Shamebooth.  Paula recorded this little video of me a few weeks ago as we chatted about our lives and our plans to collaborate on an upcoming episode of the Shamebooth Podcast. Last year, I was able to volunteer a few times with the Shamebooth as a Dame, hustling people in from the streets to participate in the installation by volunteering their anonymous confessions into a recording device. Paula compiles the data and features these recordings in her podcast alongside thought provoking conversations on the subject. I have fallen in love with Paula’s work and the compassionate people that support the project with their time and love. As Paula, herself, describes the project:

“Shamebooth is a groundbreaking live experience, a traveling phone booth outfitted with a receiver and simple prompt: Speak–and own–your shame. From this comes a podcast series, this website, & a movement that wants to heal the world of shame. So what’s keeping you from feeling proud today? Name it. And let’s take away it’s power together.”

Shamebooth also includes follow up resources and support for participants here.

Check out Shamebooth for more information! And stay tuned for a podcast episode conversation with Paula and me about the data collected during SF Pride 2018!



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