Queer Men’s Snuggle Party | August 3rd | 7-11pm


Presented by SexCrafting with Finn and Matt

♡ Do you want more nourishing touch in your life?

♡ Are you feeling the desire for more intimate connection without the hook-up pressure?

Our Snuggle Party is a social space to share loving, intimate touch with an awesome group of people. It’s an intentional, non-sexual space where you can learn and practice communicating boundaries and consent. By sharing playful snuggles and heart-opening cuddles we will co-create a yummy space where you can feel safe, respected, connected, and loved.

What to expect:

Doors open at 7pm and doors close at 7:30 sharp! We’ll have an opening ceremony to create our container and set agreements for the evening. Then we’ll share some fun, brief exercises to bring the group together. The rest of the evening will be an open, non-sexual space to talk, share touch, and connect.

Snuggle parties are transformational spaces that help us to drop into our bodies, to feel respected in sharing touch, to learn how to communicate boundaries, and to feel connected and loved in a group.

Is this for me?

The Queer Men’s Snuggle Party is for anyone desiring an intentional form of connection that strongly supports boundaries and consent. No prior experience is necessary, just an open heart. This is an event for anybody identifying under the umbrella of queer men, including gay, bi, and trans folks.

With your facilitators:

FINN DEERHART, Life Coach and EFT Practitioner: Intimacy is tough. Gay and queer men often experience even more difficulties in sex and relationships because of unique challenges that we face. Internalized shame and a lack of healthy templates upon which to build healthy sustainable relationships leaves many of us longing for lasting fulfillment. We need tools and community in order to create and experience the connections that we seek. Relationships and sex have been the lenses through which I have studied my own life and how it relates to my culture as a whole. Intimate self-knowledge has led me into healthier relationships and more fulfilling sex. The fragmentation and numbness I have felt in mainstream gay culture encouraged me to emerge authentically into what freedom means to me. Liberation has only begun to come as I release blame and actively seek to uncover personal truth. Finn brings 14 years combined experience in spiritual counseling, study of social anthropology, wellness coaching, and personal development. FinnDeerhart.com

MATT STURM, Tantra Teacher: I am following a calling to share the gift of Tantra with the world. Through workshops, coaching, and private sessions, I integrate meditation, yoga, sexuality, and ritual into your path of spiritual growth. I teach hands-on methods for inhabiting our bodies, cultivating deep intimacy, and tuning in to the universal love within us all. My approach is practical and experiential with just the right amount of Woo. I’ve loved the practical tools and spiritual experience of Tantra but have always chafed at the hetero-centric presentation – I’m excited to share these teachings more inclusively. I’m a Certified Tantra Educator, Yoga teacher, and am currently studying the Hakomi Method of psychotherapy. Awakeningbliss.net




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