Authentic Sex for Queer Men | August 1st | 7-10pm

With Finn Deerhart and Matt Sturm

Wednesday August 1st, 7-10pm
The Center SF Teahouse


Are you feeling empty and disconnected from the hook-up culture around sex? Have you had loving relationships where the passion and spark has fizzled away? Do you have the feeling that there’s something more, something deeper through sex – and are you ready to explore?

Authentic Sex:

In this workshop you will learn practical tools to have more fulfilling, satisfying sex. We start by de-conditioning and de-objectifying ourselves and our partners. Instead, we’ll teach you how to cultivate the intimacy you’ve been longing for and how to ignite your desire and passion, whether it’s with your life partner or a brand new connection. And ultimately, we’ll show you how to use sex as a vehicle to explore our full expressive selves, to heal our wounds and step into wholeness.

What to Expect:

Our approach is a blend of group discussion and practical exercises. Drawing on Tantra, yoga, NVC, Hakomi, current theories in couples’ therapy, and EFT, Finn and Matt will share their expertise about sex, desire, intimacy, and relationships. We’re creating a safe container for you to share about your experience around sex. This workshop is clothing-on, with no explicit sexual contact. This workshop is for anyone who identifies as a queer man.

We will cover:

Tools to bring intimacy and connection into sex

Celebrating your erotic desire and stoking the flames of passion for sex that never burns out

Tantra and sacred sexuality

Healing emotional and psychological wounds through sex and coming into wholeness



Sexcrafting is a queer community focused on fulfillment and wholeness through sex and relationships. Join us on a journey into desire, intimacy, shadow, and the mythic self. Sexcrafting is an open sanctuary to discuss and experience our full sexuality with a community of like-minded queer men. Through this journey, you will be invited into a balanced, integrated, and powerful expression of yourself as a sexual being.

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